DriveSmart Auto

Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmission is one of the hardest working parts of your car. Over time oil becomes contaminated which causes wear and premature faults with your Auto transmission.

 Your transmission should be serviced regularly – about every 3 years or 50,000km and more often if towing or in environments that cause a lot of stopping and starting.

Signs Of Auto Transmission Faults

  • Harsh shifting or jerky gear changing
  • Sudden revving of engine due to transmission slipping
  • Gear shifting appears slower
  • Slow acceleration
  • Oil smells burnt or is a brownest colour
  • Shuddering when driving
  • Delay when shifting from reverse to drive
  • Oil leaks, low oil levels is one of the main causes of transmission faults

Power Steering

We can service and diagnose any of your Steering faults. Like your transmission the oil should be changed to help prevent premature faults. Simple things like oil changes and the replacement of damaged steering rack boots or drive belts will help ensure less maintenance costs and safe motoring.

We can do anything with your steering including oil leaks.

Signs Of Power Steering Faults

  • Steering wheel vibrates or shakes while driving
  • Oil leaks form steering components
  • Knocking noises from steering & suspension while driving over bumps
  • Screeching noise when parking or on engine start ups
  • Vehicle dips or sways badly under braking and cornering
  • Loose or sloppy steering feel.

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